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Losing you

The woven tangled purls of my warm sweater,its slowly losing its knitted stitchesOh my dear,is it fair for you to unravel the stitches you made and take it up with you?I lean down my furtive glances belowThe lilacs and the white lilies are melancholy swinging in a gentle blow of airThe radiance has imparted itsContinue reading “Losing you”


A perfect orange hazel pretty evening.Leaves swirling and swaying in a gentle zephyr.With a wide smile stretching through my dimple rolled cheeksI embody his music deeply in my soul.Peacefully watching the sun disappearing in the horizon. Heard that the sun sets with the same aura in her town.She just can’t vibe in the music whereContinue reading “OPPOSITES ATTRACT!”

For now you are gone away!

The morning’s first ray of sunshineYou are now no longer able to imbue the brightness of hope in me.With my wet moisten eyes, I still keep staring at the sky.Trying to recall the ephemeral joys of having you.The twinkling shiny star in the skyI am no longer able to shine like you.My darkest fear stillContinue reading “For now you are gone away!”

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